Welcome to DaBoss Collection online boutique.  My name is Tiffany and I have always wanted to open up an online shop.  One of my inspirations to do so was because I believe that we all have an inner BOSS inside of us, that is looking to be set free.  I also wanted to teach my children the value of working for themselves.  I learned a long time ago that I enjoyed leadership roles along with being DaBoss and setting the tone to my own life. 

So this online boutique will be the stepping stone into entrepreneurialship for me and my family.  I want my children to embrace ownership, creativity and hard work.  I also want customers to enjoy the experience of my vision and channel their own inner Boss when shopping in my store.  Individuals today need to learn to be who they want to be, not what somebody expects them to be. I would like you the customer to embrace your inner BOSS and set that person free.  I truly hope that either wearing my collections or adding DaBoss Collection to your home enables you to be who you choose to be.

So with every purchase, I would like to say thank you and enjoy!  Because today you DaBoss!!!